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    What are the Top 10 Coolest Offices in the world?
    Going to work may be a tedious task for some but for others at certain offices it’s better than partying out at any pub. So here are 10 offices that you wished you could get a job at.

    5 thoughts on “Contact Us”

    1. Janet christophersen says:

      Went to lake in the hills I.L arbys. Terrible food. Nothing was warm and fries were cold and stale tasting. Spent$22 and most of it in the garbage. I did call and manager very rude. Refused to give me his name or store number which I don’t have because a receipt was never given to me. Hung up on me. Very unprofessional

    2. Don’t want to sell me $3.99 tech fortress for my #2 laptop or not? You are making it impossible for me to get this

    3. I have tried repeatedly to send you a “contact” message regarding the unbelievable hassle you are providing to customers who want to get the $3.99 Tech Fortress on their computer – you block all attempts? What gives? I really liked AOL back in the early 2000’s, since then it has become awful.

    4. Please bring back the original fries. The seasoned fries are not good with Krystal burgers.

    5. Abel lazalde says:

      Manager refused to put game on maybe because it’s not his team but so many TVs why can’t he put it on one Tv
      we seen on the Guide when he was flipping through the channels and it is showing it he was just being a jerk overall he was rude not only about that he should be taken off of there not a good manager at all

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